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Your stay at Karpniki Castle is a pleasure at any time of the year. We invite you!
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Karpniki Castle is located  in the Jelenia Góra Valley in the south-western Poland, in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.  Location in a tri-border area (Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic) provides a perfect base to visit the region.
The Jelenia Góra Valley is surrounded by four mountain ranges:  Karkonosze, Rudawy Janowickie, Kaczawskie Mountains  and  the Izery Mountains. Karpniki village is located in the Rudawy Janowickie Mountains, only 12 km from Jelenia Góra.

Palaces and Gardens Valley

Palaces and Gardens Valley with historic palaces, castles and landscape parks

The unique area within the Jelenia Góra Valley encompassing about 30 palace and park layouts well integrated into the natural landform features.


Karkonosze with its highest peak - Śnieżka 1602 m AMSL.
At each time of the year Karkonosze Mountains are a very attractive place for the tourists, and a large network of walking routes with different difficulty levels enables the tourists to reach the top of Śnieżka overlooking the whole Jelenia Góra Valley.

Rudawy Janowickie and Sokole Mountains (Sokolik and Krzyżna Góra) with an extended network of walking routes. Unique rock forms in the Sokole Mountains provide perfect rock climbing conditions.


The 19th century building Szwajcarka at the foot of Sokole Mountains. The building on the slope of Krzyżna Mountain was erected in 1823 and initially served as a hunting lodge. Presently it is a tourist shelter and a starting point to walks in the Sokole Mountains. Not far from Szwajcarka five tourist routes cross.

Kolorowe Jeziorka (Colourful Lakelets). One of the most interesting places in the Rudawski Landscape Park. One can admire yellow, purple, azure and green lakelets, which were formed in place of former mines. Distinctive colour of water is due to chemical compositionion of its banks and bottom.

Cycling routes

Extended network of cycling routes in Rudawy Janowickie Mountains

We highly recommend the route along the historic Linden-Tree Alley, which starts in front of Karpniki Castle. The alley will lead you to the next historic building, which was a former summer residence once belonging to the Royal Hohenzollern family.

It is also possible to rent Haibike electric bikes. Renting one bike costs PLN 150 for 1 day. Advance booking is required.

Old Town

Jelenia Góra market square with neo-classical Town Hall is surrounded by 55 burgher houses with completely preserved stretch of arcades, which is unique in the Lower Silesia. It is well worth your time to walk along the charming streets and to see the monuments located in the Old Town.